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April 2014            

AVA SYSTEM continue building our relationship with BASEFARM. It is inspiring to know that some of the calculations done by Magnus Carlsen on his way to win his World Championship title in Chess was done in the computer rooms we secure with our leak detection solutions.

AVA SYSTEM extend our current installation at Nets Norway AS. We are proud of the confidence shown us by a company that handles more than 30% of all Nordic creditcard transactions and has more than 500.000 creditcard terminals operational in the market!

AVA SYSTEM's daughter Company AVA AQUA Norge AS continues its Growth in building projects where BREEAM certifications within WAT2, WAT3 and WAT4 is important. For more info, please contact: Harald Mathisen at mob.ph: 901 26 965.

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AVA SYSTEM AS deliver world leading technology in systems for monitoring and detection of leaks (from water, from oil based products like fuels, and from a variety of chemicals) in critical industrial, historic and commercial environments.


SafePipe when environment and safety is No 1. The next generation "pipe-in-pipe" produced by LOGSTOR with integrated Leak Detection for reliable 365/7/24 monitoring of pipe transport of oils, fuels and other chemicals.


For more information about Trace Tek , water leak, oil leak, waterguard and environmental monitoring where "early warning" is essential, or other questions related to our speciality area please do not hesitate to contact us directly!


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